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$3000 Retail value – Limited availability

Heightener last year created and published:

Words in Scripts for Social Media

Social Media Impressions

Hours of online marketing video footage


Who We Are:

Over the last nine years, Heightener has developed a proprietary system using one video to deliver between 30 and 70 pieces of content across social media platforms that serve our clients. The system has been used by people like Robin Sharma to sell $50,000 seats at an event, launch two New York Times best-selling books, and build companies from zero to millions in just two years.

Heightener’s team of twenty-three experts is placed in seven time zones around the world making sure there is always someone paying attention to your brand.

$3000 Retail value – Limited availability

Be Everywhere They Are Buying

Individually, our clients kept asking us, “What else can we do with you? How can we keep working together? I’ve never seen growth like this before, let’s keep going.”

Canon was building brands into household names in every market imaginable and Camper was taking existing brands to their highest marketing achievements ever. After hitting all of your “way-up-in-the-sky” goals, it’s time to up-level. For Canon, it was naming four cars, three credit cards, technology in the medical, automotive, sports apparel, and being able to walk down any grocery store aisle around the US seeing a product or five she has named on the shelves. 

Camper Bull

For Camper, it was launching multiple New York Times Best Sellers, getting obscene amounts of people onto an email list in the blink of an eye, and getting one million downloads on iTunes. When you hit your highest goals it’s time to reach new heights.

You will find an unassailable truth inside of your success, just like we did. The reality is that the people you genuinely help will always show you exactly how you can grow to new heights. They will even demand it.

Since day one, Heightener has attracted an All-Star team that wields the power of the latest technology, tactics, and tools to stay at the top of our game. Our ideal client is a brand or individual who has an important message, an invention, a technology, and/or a service that makes the world a better place. Only those looking to raise us all up need to knock on our door.

That’s what Heightener is all about, raising us all up, together.

$3000 Retail value – Limited availability