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Be The Brand They Look Up To


We Build Up Your Brand

Heightener provides everything you need to elevate your brand and rise above the crowd. Our customized, professional services focus exclusively on the tools and resources you need to elevate your brand in the modern marketplace.


We see 5000 ads a day. We are all PROFESSIONAL deleters. Get the name that compels them to dive in, not delete.


Your tagline is your brand’s anthem. It is the refrain that becomes a motto for their own life. A trusted voice in their head, and a call to action every time they repeat it.


A powerful branding landmark. Your logo is the flag of your brand. Your logo can become the symbol people wear on their body to express their own identity and allegiance to your brand community.

Social Media

Be everywhere they want you to be. We create a branded, consistent, and compelling sharing cycle with our Viral Social Stacking system.


Your blog drives traffic to your brand. When you know how to choose the right tools, you get the right traffic. Build and use a blog to make your brand magnetic to your Ideal Individuals.


Your website is the front door of your brand and should welcome your Ideal Individuals home. Create a website that inspires them to leap over all obstacles to buy, and into becoming brand loyalists.

Graphic Design

Great design transcends visual appeal to ignite emotion, create engaging experiences, and forge a contagious culture that maximizes the perceived value of your brand.


Now more than ever, you must become a Master Storyteller to win the attention of your audience. With expertly-crafted slide decks and engaging presentation visuals, your audience will be riveted by your every word, taking notes as fast as they can, and rushing up to you with questions at every event.

Packaging & Labeling

Consumers can’t buy what they don’t see. Millions of products compete for the same customers, so it’s essential that you stand out. We create labeling you’ll love, and your customers can’t live without.

e-Commerce Storefronts

From small-scale sales pages to fully automated online stores, we build powerful and scalable e-commerce solutions that grow with your business, adding next-level revenue streams and profit centers.

Product Mockups

Photo-quality products and situational mockups perfectly position your brand in nearly any scenario. Never settle for something “close-enough”, ever again. Our product mockups provide the perfect image, every time.

Book Covers & Reports

Your book is a powerful asset, expressing your authority in your marketplace. Captivate your Ideal Individuals with emotionally provoking imagery and compelling case studies that are perfectly tailored to your brand’s core values.

elevate your brand

Upon first sight of your brand, if they think, ‘Finally, someone gets me! Finally, someone made the very thing I’ve been looking for all along,’ you will RISE TO THE TOP.

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The Message


VIP Services

We provide our clients with carefully crafted services built on proven systems, extensive data and unmatched strategies to deliver real, measurable results for you and your business.


Content Creation


Product Creation


Funnel Builds


Facebook Ads

going up

“When your brand is everywhere they want you to be, every where they need you to be, you become the trusted thought leader in their world. “

Camper Bull

The Momentum


Be Everywhere They Want You To Be

Heightener connects your brand with your market on the most popular platforms. Most importantly, we focus on where your customers are actually spending their time online, garnering their attention and boosting your brand awareness where it counts.


“Great design provides the unique opportunity to form an instantaneous and immediate connection with your audience.”

Ben Clark

The Experience

Let Them Wonder How You Did It