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There Is No End To Our Purpose. There Are Only Greater Heights To Reach.

Heightener Was Formed By Request

Individually, our clients kept asking us, “What else can we do with you? How can we keep working together? I’ve never seen growth like this before, let’s keep going.” Canon was building brands into household names and Camper was taking existing brands to their highest marketing achievements ever. After hitting all of your way-up-in-the-sky goals, it’s time to up-level. For Canon, it was naming four cars, three credit cards, and not being able to walk down any grocery store aisle without seeing a product or two she has named on the shelves. For Camper, it was launching multiple New York Times Best Sellers, getting obscene amounts of people onto an email list in the blink of an eye, and getting one million downloads on iTunes. When you hit your highest goals it’s time to reach new heights.

You will find an unassailable truth inside of your success, just like we did. The truth is that the people you truly help will always show you exactly how you can grow to new heights. They will even demand it.

Since day one, Heightener has attracted an All-Star team that wields the power of the latest technology, tactics and tools to stay at the top of our game. Our ideal client is a brand or individual who has an important message, an invention, a technology, a service that makes the world a better place. Only those looking to raise us all up need knock on our door.

That’s what Heightener is all about, raising us all up, together.

Camper Bull

The Momentum

Camper Bull is a recognized and sought-after product and marketing strategist. He has teamed up with and produced hundreds of products and programs for JJ Virgin, Robin Sharma, and many other leaders in the wellness industry for the past 10 years. His expertise is solidly built on how to create passive revenue streams and build ever-expanding audiences. Camper’s reputation for building brands is hallmarked by long-term, mind-blowing success.


Average Opt-In Rate


Average Email Open Rate


Increased Revenue

Camper Bull

Read through these results. Now picture your company having this kind of success…

  • Took 4 companies to earnings over 1 MILLION a year
  • 5 New York Times Best Selling campaigns
  • Built a system that captured over 300,000 names in 1 YEAR
  • 1 Million downloads from iTunes in less than 3 MONTHS
  • 87% open rate in email campaigns
  • Consistent 60% opt-in rate from warm traffic
  • Built 3 brands and achieved 4X growth in 2 YEARS
  • Generated $500,000 on a single launch, running out of inventory, from just 3 EMAILS and 2 VIDEOS
  • Enrolled 3,000 people in an online course in 1 WEEK
  • Built the system that delivered every Harry Potter book in the country

Canon Wing

The Message

Canon Wing has created Names, Taglines, and Logos for products and services that have earned billions worldwide for over two decades. She centers her work in helping international brands and entrepreneurs alike step into their greater future by naming it.

She’s named for international household brands such as Hershey’s, Kraft, Kia, Saturn, Honda, Stouffer’s and Puma. And yes, she’s even named for Canon. She named their projector, Realis. She was inspired while on a six-week journey through India, where she ran into His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, in a snow-sprinkled town tucked in the root of the Himalayas, Dharamsala. It was a dream come true; a Realis.

Canon is a recipient of The National Endowment For The Arts Grant (NEA) in poetry. Canon Wing is a recognized name, and she and has been featured in Marie Claire, Freedom Fast Lane, Visioncity and Woman Business Owners International.

Average number of words written for clients a year

Average books written a quarter for clients

Entrepreneurs Branded

Canon Wing

Health & Wellness Market

Bayer ResQ

Ash Access “Zuragen”

Vantera Liposcience

Samsung Medison 3-D Ultrasound

Veggie Set Go

O-Band, Healthy Ever After

Earth Well Zinc Technology

Get it. Together


Sol CBD, Bringing Your Body Back To Health

Families Market

Kraft Fresh Take

Hershey’s Simple Pleasures

Awaken Vibrance: Beautifully, Blissfully, Be

The Winner Will, Peak Under Pressure

Camp Improv Utopia


Primal Life Organic Stick Up

Amavara, Protect Your World

Habitat For Humanity, Building Better Tomorrows Today

Carlos Duarte

The System

One of the industry’s not so secret marketing madmen, Carlos has for the last four years managed Robin Sharma’s digital brand with systems he created that have 4.5 million people on Facebook. He would regularly get upwards of 30,000 views on video content on Instagram.  Always tenacious about getting results, Carlos built 4 customer escalation procedures generating over $1 million apiece.

Lacy Kirkland

The Maven

Lacy Kirkland has worked behind the scenes to create and run some of the most successful online product launches to date for clients including JJ Virgin, Brendon Burchard and more. In just two years for one client, Lacy co-created and ran three NY Times Best-selling book launches, two of which were in the same year! She built and ran multi-million dollar generating affiliate marketing programs, grew her client’s email lists by 300,000 people from one NY Times launch, co-designed and rolled out 10+ product and program launches in one year, and developed a Customer Support system able to process 10,000 emails/week seamlessly. She did all that while delivering world-class customer experience across brands. 

Kaylea Van Arsdale

The Expeditor

Kaylea is the “get it done” and “get it done right” point person. She is The Expeditor. She oversees team projects to ensure everyone is playing to their strengths. Kaylea’s own strengths in project management, company organization, Human Resources, graphic design, web design, and social media. She supports the Heightener team and our clients, so we can all work to our highest potential.

Ben Clark

The Experience

Ben is a Graphic Artist and Web Developer specializing in brand design and user experience. His approach transcends visual appeal to ignite emotion, create engaging experiences, and forge a contagious culture that maximizes the perceived value of your brand.

Since 2004, Ben has worked with hundreds of clients across the globe such as JJ Virgin, Robin Sharma, Alan Christianson, Sara Gottfried, Jonny Bowden and more.